Welcome to Hotel Katina

A Greek house, which Madam Katina lived once upon a time, is now a warm and attractive hotel that takes you to a different world with each all of its rooms.

Hotel Katina is one of the new hotels which year 2006 brings to Bozcaada . It brings a boutique concept that suits to the island with every details. This is a light place at the middle of Greek neighborhood and corner of two streets. There is a cafe in our hotel's ground floor, which also services to the island population. You enter just like a visitor who visits a house at the Greek neighborhood. You can enjoy yourself sitting by stone walls at summer to get cool or sitting by the fireplace at winter to get warm.

We thought of your comfort in the rooms. LCD TVs in all rooms. The kettle at the corner of room presented with various teas and coffees is one of the delightful things that will make you feel at home. Our Hotel also provides wireless internet access and locked safes.